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Monday Moments: A new view that heals, and a link to some ideas on the true essence of the Nativity

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

By Elaina Simpson, C.S.

“Rock pigeons,” I answered to someone asking what kind of birds are native to where I lived.

Factually incorrect? Yes. But, accurate as far as my perspective went.

In years since, I’ve studied birds as a hobby and became aware of what went unnoticed before. Singing their language in the tall trees, soaring high above, and sometimes within plain sight, are the most striking birds.

This bird experience has served as an analogy to me when thinking about resolving challenges with prayer. When it feels like there's no solution, I ask myself; Is there a higher view, a different perspective here?

Throughout college and after, it seemed everyone had a career direction except for me. My purpose and general direction felt hidden. I needed a new perspective. I prayed to see from God’s viewpoint, the now-ness of infinite supply, love and solutions. In prayer, I realized there was an idea of an occupation that I had shut out for years, thinking it wasn’t even a possibility or viable option. It took humility to accept that just as others had the blessing of peace-of-mind and direction, I could have it too. This shift in thought revealed a new perspective that all of God’s ideas had purpose, were important, needed and able. A direction in work naturally unfolded and brought blessings-- Just as peers had experienced in their own important, respective careers.

I’ve heard this idea of perspective explained before using the analogy of a maze. The maze might make us feel stuck or confused, but a higher, bird’s-eye view shows that the solution has always been here. This is what prayerful study does. It reveals a new view often resulting in healing, instead of changing or fixing a seemingly real problem.

Anytime we feel stuck or confused, we can feel the abundance of divine Love. God reveals not only a new view of ourselves but a new perspective altogether that blesses everyone! Every time I see a bird I am reminded of this new perspective. See you next Monday! :) Also, here are some slides from a presentation I gave this week on the Christmas Nativity. There's no commentary but you'll see the verses on there that point to the spiritual goals to hold in thought about what Christmas truly means and what it's all about! Here

Have a lovely evening,



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