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Working with a Christian Science Practitioner


If you'd like to work with a Practitioner, you can find many in the Christian Science Journal. 

When working with a Christian Science Practitioner, you will feel comfortable, supported and loved no matter who you are. I work with patients daily.
My email is: 
We use the following resources: 
-The Holy Bible

-Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

(A textbook on spiritual healing that corresponds with/comes from the Bible's teachings.) 

-Find a list of helpful study tools in the Resources For Spiritual Study tab on this site.

It is not a requirement to have read these books before working together. I do make sure you have access to  Science and Health while we work. Although some are familiar with these study materials, some are totally new to these ideas, and that's okay. 

Talks & Readings:

The majority of the time, my attention is committed to working with patients. However, on some occasions, depending on the inquiry, the reach of practice work may extend to Christian Science talks and/or readings on zoom or in-person events. For example, a Practitioner may be asked to help with TMC (The Mother Church) summits, a local ecumenical meeting seeking a C.S. representative, university/college religion classes seeking to learn more about Christian Science, Christian Science associations, supporting a Christian Science church and more. Most often, I take on these certain talks as a Maryland Committee on Publication, rather than as a Practitioner. In Practice work I have provided readings for weddings before, but I do not marry people or officiate weddings. Before any speaking commitment, I will usually will unsure it is appropriate by notifying necessary TMC departments. It's important to note that Christian Science churches host longer, in-depth talks from the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.  You may also call on them for your inquiry to see if it is within the scope of their work. And, depending on the occasion, it may be most appropriate to have your state Committee on Publication handle various needs. 
Much love,

What does a Christian Science Practitioner do? 

What are the benefits of working with one?

Please see Scope of Services for a thorough explanation of a Christian Science Practitioner's work. 

A Christian Science Practitioner is someone who will prayerfully support you by giving Christian Science treatment. While a practitioner is not a life coach or a therapist, there are some similar aspects in relation to the patient/practitioner relationship. Every conversation is one-on-one and confidential. Although a patient may disclose the challenge, the primary focus is on solution-based prayer and spirituality.

A Practitioner's job is not to give personal opinion or lecture at you. 
A Practitioner is not a personal/human healer, god-like spiritual guru, humanly perfect advisor, or an idolized mentor on a pedestal. There is no element of personal control, judgment, self-righteousness or selfishness in proper healing work. A Practitioner is here to point the way through Christ (SH. 444:16–19) The work done with a Christian Science Practitioner is all about finding prayerful guidance and direction in prayer, spirituality and healing. This is Bible-based. 


A Christian Science Practitioner is considered a healthcare professional by law and this is a legally-recognized way to seek healthcare. This is because mental work naturally manifests and works wonders in our experience and on the body. Most insurance companies will cover Christian Science Treatment.  

Anyone can work with a Practitioner: Children, teenagers, adults, and those in senior care facilities. I work with self-proclaimed Christian Scientists, as well as others that are exploring and interested in learning more about healing and Christian Science in general. You do not have to be a member of a church to work with a Practitioner. 

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This is an automated message letting you know that your inquiry has been forwarded to my email and I look forward to receiving it within the next 24 hours. Please know that unless urgent, I am booking by appointment only. Most times, I can take appointments within day you reach out. If you are a new patient, I'd love to talk to you on the phone first. Please feel free to write back with a preferred day (could be today) and time that works for you to connect. You can also email me at any time with your inquiry. For new patients, please let me know within your email, what preferred day and time you'd like to set up a call.  Thank you, Elaina

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