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My name is Elaina Simpson, I work as a Christian Science Practitioner in the DC area. Although my home is located in Maryland, Virginia is just beyond my backyard, and D.C. proper is 1.5 miles down the street. While I do work locally, the patients that Practitioners work with are from various states or countries.

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There are many questions these days about how thought connects to our health and experience. People more than ever, are seeking reliable healing solutions. There are many questions about the thought-health connection. For more on this see the Common Questions tab of this site. 

I do not have a storefront office, but I do have this online office, where anyone can look around and learn about Christian Science. For helpful info on spirituality, healing & Christian Science, see Resources for Spiritual Study. 

There are many CS Practitioners you can call on for help. Here is the full
 Christian Science Journal Listing Directory.

Like many others, I love to contribute to the Christian Science periodicals and repost from those and also share shorter ideas here, monthly. Writing is a natural extension of a Christian Science practice, and most of my time is spent with those interested in spirituality and healing. I am listed in the Christian Science Journal

"Dove and Olive Leaf" started on instagram years ago when there were no CS-specific accounts on Instagram. I named it the biblical, "Dove and Olive Leaf" so I could have a personal account using my own name.  Now I repost monthly, reposted links or ideas to this site. I've enjoyed sharing Christian Science with the public.

When searching online about Christian Science, it's important to get the right information. On this site you'll find links to the Christian Science textbook and as mentioned and links to learn more about CS found on the Resources for Spiritual Study tab.

It's a joy to support others. Initially, the most efficient way to reach me is via email, using the contact form on the right side of this page. Most use the contact form, then set up a time for a call or an in-person visit, and patients can then text as well.

What is a Christian Science Practitioner? See the Find Support tab. 

If you are hoping to find information about the Committee on Publication office for MD, click here.

Lots of Love,



If you are new to working with a Practitioner and hope to see if this is a good fit, I'd love to hear from you. Please mention that you'd like a "free consultation." 

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