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Our Changeless Spiritual Identity

By Elaina Simpson, C.S. The original author of the story below is unknown. I have rewritten it in my own words. Although this story does not come directly from Christian Science teachings, the lesson one can take from it is expanded by the higher view that Science provides. We know that no matter what, our spiritual identity and our true character remains changeless and intact, despite outside factors.

_______ There was a man in the woods who noticed a snake in a hole that needed help. The snake was ok, but it would soon be overtaken by a campfire close by.

The man went over to the snake. While attempting to pull the snake out of the dangerous situation, the snake bit the man. The man changed his removal strategy and went to find a near by stick to pull the snake out. The snake was removed easily and was saved.

The man’s friend witnessed what happened and said, “Why did you try to save that snake again when it bit you?!” The man replied, “The snake have bitten me, but that doesn’t change who I am.”


In our lives, when things go wrong, or we are wronged- It may seem tempting to feel hatred, bitterness, resentment and maybe even revengeful. In other words, we may want to hold onto the venom from the bite, but that never helps us. One's true character and spiritual nature as created by God, divine Love- Your happiness, sense of peace- doesn’t have to change just because someone has wronged you. What a helpful lesson this has been to me! How freeing is it to know that an outside situation does not have the ability to change who we are.

The bite itself does nothing to harm the individual. But the metaphorical venom of hatred, resentment, frustration and anger is what we let go of. When I've worked in prayer to remove these things from my thinking, I saw that spiritually, I was never touched by whatever interpersonal situation I was concerned about. Being watchful of our thinking is so helpful. Mentally affirming that as God's completely good idea, that we are untouched, is so freeing and beneficial. But if we let these negative venom-like suggestions stay in our thinking, it might seem like we are touched or reached by them! We don't have to be tricked into thinking our spiritual identity, how God made his creation, our divine expression of goodness- Can't change because of outward circumstances. We don't consent to it, and stay with who we truly are. Have a great evening- Elaina ______ For updates on future posts, you can subscribe here Read or listen to Science and Health online for free Purchase Science and Health


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