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You are whole!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

By Elaina Simpson, C.S.

Love made its creation spiritual, whole. Love wouldn't be Love if this was not so. With our innate, divine inheritance, we are each fulfilled, satisfied, at peace in God, Love. So many things suggest to us that we are not whole. Most often, human experience would try to say, "You don't have this," "When I have X, or when I reach X goal, then I'll be happy," or "I'm not worthy, I'm missing something," and "Once I have X, then I'll finally feel complete." But, as a spiritual idea, God, Love sees us as whole. Knowing this spiritual truth and applying it in prayer, our perspective shifts and we see this manifested in our experience more everyday.

@DoveAndOliveLeaf This prayer is so applicable and is so helpful to us all, no matter where we are in our experience.

Right now, today, you are enough. You have all good in God. You are whole, you are spiritually already filled and complete. Rather than just a mantra, these words have spiritual backing-- Spiritual laws behind them making them true. I've found that sometimes just taking one idea and holding to it that day... Allowing it to unfold in thought, pondering it in prayerful reflection, can be so meaningful. Sometimes with our prayer, it's more about the quality (the understanding, the inspiration) rather than quantity.

Have a great evening,



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