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Raise the standard

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

By: Elaina Simpson, C.S.

Good evening! Recently, I have been prayerfully considering the concept of raising the standard of my thinking. Specifically, when it comes to God's love for his children.

Have you ever thought about just how much God, loves you?

(When I talk about God, I mean the way that Christian Science teaches God to be-- Spiritual, the all-power of Love. This also includes these other synonyms that explain God; Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth. When thoughts are immersed in ingratitude, problems, or anxiety-- That's an inclination that we can raise the standard of the thoughts we allow into our consciousness. Instead of thinking about the problem, our thought can shift to a more uplifting view of God's love for us. And when we think we've finally got a good handle on that-- Then that's just when we can raise the standard (of our understanding of God's Love for mankind) even more! If God truly is Love... Then that gives us a lot to consider. What does that mean, what does that really look like? For example... Would a parent, holding hands with their toddler child, say to them "Okay, go cross the street without my hand?" No, of course not. God is Love... Love carries us, takes us all the way, protects, governs, guides. This divine Parent would never give their child a challenge that they can't get out of, a disturbing situation, or a lack of Love. If these things do not come from God, we can use our understanding of God to then help us overcome any mental hurdle. So, in our prayers, we can raise our standard of God's Love for us. Not only is this a high standard, but it's an infinite and eternal standard.

It's a fun exercise to prayerfully practice recognizing, acknowledging, and appreciating God's love for you and all creation. It is so uplifting, and our view of ourself shifts to a much higher standard.

Have a great evening,



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