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Love's Stamp of Approval

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

By: Elaina Simpson, C.S.

One day, I had a pretty discouraging time dealing with some tasks. I felt a sense of disapproval at how those hired to help with a task had executed it, and felt their lack of responsiveness was slowing down the project. Disapproval of others didn’t feel good to hold onto, as I didn’t feel like my usual cheery self! Instead of feeling a mental weight of frustration and disapproval, I realized I could pray about the imposition of feeling this unusual sense of disapproval.

I began to notice how I had accepted the intrusive mental suggestion of disapproval and knew this was something I could pray about. It might sound silly to some, as we may think that prayer has to be only about the life-changing things. But it’s important to acknowledge that, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God..." (Romans 8:28) Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, called this verse "the dictum of Scripture." (Dictum, being a formal pronouncement or noteworthy statement.) Acknowledging this law of goodness as a promise, was an helpful shift in thought. Instead of expecting this project would be challenging for me, I expected that it could all unfold beautifully. I could expect good, instead of holding onto the grudge of disapproval.

As I prayed on this, I worked mentally to let go of any nagging suggestion across the board, of disapproval... I recognized I had accepted some suggestions of disapproval of myself, for not being able to pull this project together quick enough. I wasn’t surprised by this, anytime we may think the challenge might be “out there” or for someone else to fix, it’s always something we ourselves can pray about, in our own relationship with God, Love.

Finishing some of the tasks, I began to sign off on some household documents. I flipped through the pages and stamped my approval on each page of the document. While doing so, an interesting thought came to mind; Isn’t this what God does for his creation? -- Approve of them? If “God is Love,” doesn’t God (spiritually speaking) approve of all of his creation, in the true essence of how he made them? We find in Genesis I, that God created his creation to be “very good.” This is a spiritual, eternal stamp of approval that lasts forever. A limited understanding of this may result in missing the mark, but a renewed understanding of this fact always brings repentance and reformation.

Approval means to agree, or to accept as good. When we approve of ourselves and others, we agree to what God sees and how God made them (even when what’s going on in the human picture presents the opposite!) We are accepting that our identity, and that of others, was made to be completely, spiritually good.

If you have ever seen a “forever” postal stamp, you’ll know that these are stamps that never lose their value. Similarly, we could never fall from the high standard of how God made his creation. God’s spiritual creation doesn’t in reality, lose their value. Holding onto this fact blesses our lives.

Eventually, everything straightened out naturally. But most importantly, my view of myself shifted. Naturally in addition, my view of others shifted. Instead of thinking of someone acting in an inconsiderate way, my thought opened up to other possibilities for this individual, and I saw them in a new perspective. Their actions or seeming lack thereof, didn’t touch this new perspective of the individual that I held in thought.

This to me, was a powerful lesson of how Love is always approving of his creation. When this is known and understood in prayer, we see that in our Father-Mother God’s eyes, there is no insecurity, and no excessive frustration, and no lack of approval.

Have a great evening,


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