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Links to talks on spirituality and healing

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Posted by: Elaina Simpson, C.S.

Good evening :) I wanted to share some wonderful audio resources tonight. While Christian Scientists do not proselytize, we do share. :) I am happy to share with those who have opted in to these emails or have visited this site. Thank you for being here. Firstly, this is a favorite of mine. I believe a Christian Science branch church in Connecticut has put this together, but I am not affiliated with them nor do I know the website owner. These are some historic Christian Science lecture audios, that are so lovely. Here Secondly, here is a Youtube channel dedicated to more recent Christian Science lectures/talks. Find hundreds of talks-- Here And- By now, you have most likely heard of JSHonline if you're here frequently. What a fabulous resource for podcasts, daily lifts and more. There is a way to subscribe so that you have access to the entire site. I use this site daily and it's also a joy to also write for the Christian Science Periodicals, as all readers can. A fabulous tool for spiritual growth. While I am sure there are so many other lovely resources, these are the ones I'll share for this evening. Happy exploring! :)


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