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Growth in the Garden

Audio Copyright: Christian Science Publishing Society By: Elaina Simpson

What happened to my garden? Why did my flowers droop and die? Thoughts creep in: self-condemnation, fear of failure—did I sin? Did I neglect and not pray enough? Did I not watch when things got tough? What I see seems so real to me, and it’s not at all what I want it to be. Then, a little thought whispers, “Be still, My dear child. “You could never do wrong, for you are My song! Forever in Me, you are loved and free. You are able to see, for you are the expression of Me. “You’re not full of mistakes, since those I can’t make. Because I am Spirit, and you reflect Me, this means that you are made spiritually. “Look again, My dear child. There’s no serpent’s beguiling. My love is yours, Whether it rains or pours.” Then, I notice . . . Turning my gaze higher, above the mud, growing there all along . . . was a bud! And oh, what relief— what I saw there before was just false belief. Weeds of deception can have no place when growth is nurtured in Love’s embrace. As our perception lifts above the sod, thought is raised off the problem and on to God. Only then can we see, unfolding amid uprooted belief, the rising flower . . . beautiful, meek. A cherished lesson I will hold close forever, remembering in any challenge: God has planted something beautiful and grand, and unfoldment is never the responsibility of man. Thank you, God, for always being here. I now know I don’t need to fear. It is God that sustains, heals, and frees, even when I cannot see. As the sun brings to blossom the flowers and trees, so Love reveals God’s care for me. __ Have a great evening,



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