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Governed by Life

It helps to remember what we are governed by. Sometimes it may seem that we must be permanently governed by human influences, impulses, so-called character flaws, a human brain, the body, our outward circumstances...etc. But from the statement below, we see that when understood in prayer, we are actually governed by God, divine Life and Intelligence.

Governed by God alone, spiritually, we are not deprived of anything. Once we know this to be true in thought, we see it made manifest in our experience.

All of the "light" and "might" you have is obtained by divine Life, God alone (not from matter or material outward circumstances). Your expression of divine Life fulfills you with the "life" and "might" required to meet any need.

Acknowledging and yielding to the fact that you are governed only by God alone, you see that you don't have to be governed by the confining and limiting mindset of materiality.

Imagine what it would be like to bring life, light, might and intelligence to everything you do. This is how Life made you, in Life's reflection, with the ability to do this in every instance. Now, not later.

Governed by God, Life alone, you begin to see you are deprived of nothing, and that your Life only includes spiritual goodness. You see you are not separated, even for an instant, from divine Life and all the qualities that includes. Governed by Life, we have a zest for life-- Bringing light to all you do. All that Life is; the freshness, the joy, and love-- Are all you express. Divine light, divine inspiration, is your inspiration in your oneness with divine Life.

Have a great evening,



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