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Daily prayer and what it can look like

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

By Elaina Simpson, C.S.

As far as our daily prayer goes... I've learned that daily study (however that looks like to you), is not about fitting God into a busy schedule, simultaneously in attempt to somehow fit God into our own individual lives. Christ Jesus told his followers to "enter into thy closet." This has been a helpful way to see daily study and prayer. Doing this to me, has meant that our closet is about recognizing our "oneness" with our Source, Divine Love, rather than trying unsuccessfully to fit together as a two-ness. Working to better realize this oneness, does require effort, discipline and mental focus. Having a quiet place, free of distractions is always helpful. In addition to that point, it has helped me to see that in Christian Science, our daily prayer is about staying "tuned in" (like we do with a radio for instance) to God/Love all day long, in unceasing prayer. One cannot be always, 24/7 studying in a physical kind of "closet" or at a desk in a private office... We are often each out being a "light of the world;" giving, loving, uplifting thought in our communities, in our own ways. When we cannot be in a quiet place to study, there is no guilt needed, as we can take that mental "closet" with us everywhere we go. After all, we do have to go to work, to school, to the grocery store, and all live full lives! But, our daily prayer, our closet, can go with us, too! Staying tuned-in throughout the day, listening prayerfully, private study and reading are all examples of ways we can go into our closet. And throughout the day, we take that mental closet with us. Taking our closet mentally with us is fun to practice! Have a great evening,



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