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A valentine for you

In the study of Christian Science and in the way one strives to see the world, each day is really about Love, isn't it? "...Love is reflected in love"

(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 17:7) No matter what, it's always a lovely day when we are loving (verb).

It's always a good day when our goal is to give, rather than to get. We do this in our natural expression of Love. When focused on what one gets (or even what one doesn't have), that leads to a seeming lack of fulfillment. But when we give, we see we are filled up full in our expression of Love. Reminding someone they are loved, providing encouragement, doing good deeds, providing selfless aid are all just some examples of how we express love. In daily prayer, we take action in our reflection of love. Have a Love-filled day expressing Love, today and everyday. Elaina


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