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  • Writer's pictureElaina Simpson, C.S.

Yes, you can incorporate Christian Science into your wedding!

I choose not to marry people as an ordained minister (I am not one), but I do give Christian Science readings at weddings for those who want their ceremony rooted in Christian Science. Some other Practitioners will do this too. This is a great option for those that will not be married in a Christian Science branch church and are wanting Christian Science apart of their wedding day. 

When I was married, we had a Practitioner speak, and it was such an important part of our day. Because of how valuable this was, I am happy to fill this need for others. I also found that it introduced Christian Science to family members and guests in a profound but gentle way. It was a lovely first introduction, and many guests commented on the beauty of the service. 

There is a list of Practitioners in the Christian Science Journal, who may be able to help you with this as well.  Just inquire :) 

Have a lovely evening,



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