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Monday Moments: Clean with me!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Have you all ever seen those "Clean with me" or "Cleaning Motivation" videos on Youtube? It's all about best practices for cleaning your home. Those are kind of fun.

Just like it's best practice to clean out your house often, we also want to do the same when examining our thought in mental prayer. The discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, notes that our true home is really our consciousness. She notes this in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Maybe you have heard the saying, "Cluttered mind, cluttered home." It's an interesting concept for sure, because it points to the connection between our thought and our experience.

Our thought/mental home is important, just like our house is. Can you imagine never dusting or cleaning out your home? That would be silly. Similarly, our mental prayer helps us clear out false thoughts about ourselves, to glimpse how God made us.

God's qualities consist of order, peace, harmony, love, care. It's actually natural for Love's "image and likeness" to express all of these qualities. We don't have to try to get them because these are qualities we already have, gifted to us in our expression of God. Understanding this to be fact, is the type of regular mental cleaning we must do!

Let's take a quiet moment to take stock mentally of what belongs and what doesn't. We can throw away (in our mental trashcan) suggestions that don't belong: Anything that is unkind, any fearful thoughts, self-condemnation or hateful thinking. We can keep thoughts of ourselves as God's beloved, orderly child, imparting harmony in thought, speech and action...etc. This way, we feel a sense of freshness, invigorating order, and renewal. We have this ability right now, being at one with the divine Mind (another word for God).

I've noticed that when thought is cleared, it's easier to take care of all aspects of our home. I know when my mental home is ready to go (having done the above mental work), I am also ready to handle things in every aspect of "home." In my own house, things unnoticed that maybe were a little dusty, now seem like an imposition. The motivation is there to clean it out, since we desire the most good. When we declutter our thinking with mental prayer, we are naturally ready to tackle the day. It's divinely natural to feel freshness, renewal, to love, to feel a sense of order and care for all we do. And, it starts with thought. Take this 'Monday Moment' to check in mentally, in prayer. We can easily let go of anything that is not in alignment with our innate expression of God as Mind-- Consisting of only good, loving, encouraging, and orderly thoughts. Every aspect of our home deserves this type of love and care. It's important!

Have a lovely evening,



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