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Daily Lift: Understanding our true motivation

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Feeling a lack of motivation? This belief may present itself as feeling a lack of creativity, action, inspiration, or success-- where certain qualities seem to be inconsistent. These false suggestions come as subtle as a serpent- claiming that our lives are in materiality, and ​even that some of these beliefs ​belong to us.

Our motivation feels like it’s lacking when we rely on material things to keep us motivated... Such as material dollars, a material mark in school, awards, in competition with others, accolades, fame, popularity in our inner circles or on social media, or even in our job title/occupation. ​Our true motivation is spiritual, and always in God, Love. ​ From this basis of understanding, we find consistent motivation.

I turned to God. I​t became clear that a material incentive is the counterfeit of our true spiritual motivation. In my case, it wasn’t about crossing off material tasks to do. Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Love for God & man is the true incentive in both healing and teaching.” SH 454:17-18 Mrs. Eddy refers to teaching and healing, but this idea of

Motivation comes from God alone-- It’s never in matter. ​We experience all of the benefits from living a life that is in Spirit, God. ​​God is the Source of all ideas and action... like a river overflows constantly without stoppage. We hear God’s ideas and are naturally obedient to carry them out, with Love and joy! ...Glorifying God along the way. God’s ideas are consistent and always in action.

The backing behind all we do is selfless Love for God and man. We are actually at one with God, Love. This knowledge allows false motives to fall away, and work gets done. ​Simple as that. We can feel this now, not later. Have a lovely evening,



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