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Daily Lift: Infinite Love- larger than the ocean

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

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Recently I was praying at the beach. It was a beautiful day and the breeze was peaceful. I had some people call and ask me to pray for them. Two of them said, "I believe in God but my problem is so challenging."

As I was looking out at the ocean, the thought came as though God was speaking: "I love you and every one of my offspring more than this ocean you can see in front of you." How comforting that was -- to know our Father-Mother God's Love for each of us is infinite -- and I thought the ocean was big!

In the Christian Science textbook, Mary Baker Eddy said of Jesus, "First in the list of Christian duties, he taught his followers the healing power of Truth and Love.” What is so telling to me is that Mrs. Eddy puts “Truth” first. We need to know the truth about ourselves, and then Love takes us all the way.

I like to ask myself, how did Jesus heal so consistently? The answer always comes back -- it’s divine Love. There are no recipes, no formulas. God’s infinite Love is what heals.

This makes it a joy to pray for ourselves and for others. Every moment, we can know how much God loves each one of us. This is a spiritual fact, and all we have to do is trust it. This love includes the passenger on the bus, the person we see in the news, the coworker at the office,  We can know and feel that everyone  in the world is blessed by God’s love, even as I did looking at the ocean that day.

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