A Christian Science Practitioner is considered a healthcare professional by law and this is a wise, safe, and legally-recognized way to seek healthcare. Most insurance companies will cover Christian Science Treatment. 
I receive calls, texts, and emails from individuals from the US as well as other various countries, who want to make an appointment or are seeking immediate support. I work with everyone... Children, teenagers, adults, and those in senior care facilities. I work with self-proclaimed Christian Scientists, as well as others that are exploring and interested in learning more about healing and Christian Science in general. 

I have also in the past been asked to give talks or readings at various events and conferences. I give talks and/or readings at weddings, but I do not marry people.

I work with patients daily. If you'd like to work with a Practitioner, you can find many in the back of the Christian Science Journal. If you'd like to work with me, you can email me and I will send you my "New Patient Informational Letter," which has more information about how this works.

My email is: 

If you'd like my phone number, please request it in your email or find it in the Christian Science Journal directory online or print. Otherwise, communicating over email is good as well. If it is our first time working together let's talk on the phone at some point. :)

When working with a Christian Science Practitioner, you will feel comfortable, supported and loved no matter who you are. 
I work normal business hours, but encourage patients to call, text, or email on the weekend if you need help. I understand that the times when we need help are not limited to normal business hours, so please don't hesitate to call or text at any hour if you need help. I will get back to you if I am able. You may also set up an appointment for a phone call, skype session, office appointment, or home/CS nursing facility visit. If this is an urgent matter, please call me directly. 
We will use these resources: 
-The Holy Bible

-Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy
(This book opens up the Bible and shows us how to find healing)

-There are also resources that you can check out from the Christian Science Publishing Society. Here you can read and listen to inspirational articles, testimonials, and podcasts about how people today are learning more about spiritual healing.  You can also find the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson here. If you don't have a paid subscription, you can access some of the website here. Find a complete list of helpful study tools in the "resources for spiritual study" tab on this site.

It is not a requirement to have read these books before working together. Although some are familiar with these study materials, some are totally new to these ideas, and that's okay. 

Events, Talks & Readings:

While treatment is my main service, depending on the inquiry, I occasionally give brief CS talks and/or readings at online or in-person events. Most of these events are hosted by TMC summits, couples hosting a wedding who want readings, ecumenical meetings seeking a CS representative, university/college religion classes in DC seeking to learn more about CS, CS schools, CS associations and more. 

Much love and I look forward to hearing from you,

What does a Christian Science Practitioner do? 

What are the benefits of working with one?

A Christian Science Practitioner is someone that will prayerfully support you by giving Christian Science treatment. Although there are some similar aspects between a Practitioner and say, a life coach or a therapist-- a Practitioner is different. Although at times we may need to talk about a challenge, the primary focus is on solution-based prayer and spirituality. A Practitioner's job is not to give a human opinion or lecture at you. The work I do as a Christian Science Practitioner is all about finding prayerful guidance and direction in prayer, spirituality and healing. This is Bible-based. You do not have to be a self-proclaimed Christian Scientist to work with a Practitioner. 


I remember the first time I worked with a Christian Science Practitioner. This individual prayed for me on their own, but during our calls or appointments, we'd discuss a little bit about what was going on. The Practitioner would guide me to helpful inspirational ideas that helped me feel much better about whatever issue we addressed. It was nice to have someone I could reach out to whenever I needed help. Not only that, but I was cured of issues (physical and mental) that I didn't even know could be permanently healed. I could ask for help from the Practitioner about any challenge because the work with any Practitioner is always in strict confidence. Above all, I always felt loved and supported. This individual supported my spiritual growth through Christian Science treatment. The experience of working with a Practitioner is invaluable and transformative. 

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